About Mt Biggs

Mount Biggs School is located in a rural area to the northwest of Feilding. The school is situated at the junction of two roads and is surrounded by farmland. It has a teaching staff of 5 teachers, 1 part time office administrator, and 3 part time teachers’ aides. Mount Biggs has maintained a steady roll of approximately 100 pupils in Years 1 to 8.

Parents and the community have close involvement with the school and are actively involved in events and all aspects of school life. Mount Biggs promotes a partnership between the family, school and community to provide a happy, stimulating learning environment for children to reach their potential. Mount Biggs School was established in 1921. It is a school with a proud tradition, and is held in high esteem by the local community. It is a rural based school that works to protect the nature of its environment and retain its rural culture.

The community hall is in the school grounds, providing additional space for assemblies, events and programmes. Students experience a learning environment with a wide range of opportunities for physical activity, exploration and challenge. The school is well resourced with learning tools, environments and people.

Mount Biggs belongs to a cluster of 7 schools offering opportunities for students to participate alongside a larger group of peers for sporting and cultural events.

The BOT and staff look to build on the great learning and community with the appointment of a new Principal (Tony West) and we are excited about our staff lineup and the opportunities this brings.

If you are thinking about joining our school please email the office or phone 06-329 3646

2018 ERO Conclusion Statement: Students learn in a stimulating environment that provides a wide range of opportunities for them to participate and succeed. Most achieve well in relation to National Standards in reading, writing and mathematics. Teachers encourage and support students to be self-managing learners. The school fosters close links with parents and whānau.